Latest Eruption: 6March2011

Background Information

  • Located in Hawaii, adjacent to Mauna Lao Volcano.
  • In the hotspot.
  • World;s most active volcano, and has erupted 34 time since 1952.
  • Kilauea is a shield volcano that rises 4,901 feet above sea level. Shield volcanoes have a gradual slope to the top where the lava spews forth and spreads outwards.


  • Ground tilt has been measured daily for 27 years in the Hawaiian Volcano Obeservatory,Hawaii National Park
  • Identify the eruption patterns
  • Seismometers used to pinpoint earthquakes which track the rise of magma and its movement along fissures
  • Satellite Data
  • United States Geological Survey has been helping alongside Hawaiian Volcano Obervatory


  • Living far away from the volcanoe(especially since it is very active)
  • Avoid developing downhill from rift zones
  • Devise a way to direct lava around the city
  • Warning systems are in effect and are widely publicized as it is essential to give nearby people as much time as possible to evacuate
  • Good escape route
  • Design structures for the effect of the ash
  • Building's air-handling unit to be able to shut off the units and cover all vents so ash does not get in

Appropriate Responses

  • American Medical Response sites to provide aid
  • Hazard Evaluation and emergency response office